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Transforming Hospitality in Africa

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Digital ordering platform for hospitality venues in Africa

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Discover SitEat, your premier Digital ordering Platform for hospitality venues in Africa. Formerly a trusted Concessions Management Platform, we’ve evolved to redefine your dining experience.

Why Choose SitEat:

At SitEat, we revolutionize the way hospitality business with food and beverage outlets engage with their diners. Experience efficiency with our seamless checkout, gain insights through comprehensive analytics, and let our CRM enhance your customer relationships

SitEat Features

African Flair, Global Standards:
SitEat is proud to be at the forefront of elevating the dining landscape in Nigeria and across Africa. Join us as we set new standards in hospitality.


Seamless Checkout and Payment Process

Enhance user satisfaction with our mobile app’s seamless checkout, single-page process, and secure, express payment options for effortless transactions.


Capture Guest Data and insights

Optimize business performance with precise guest data. Unlock valuable insights for personalized experiences and enhanced user engagement. Elevate satisfaction.


Dynamic Menu Management

Revolutionize your user experience. Dynamic menu management system adapts to preferences, ensuring seamless navigation and personalized content for your business.


Multi-Vendor Venue

One-stop venue hub. Explore diverse experiences with a multi-vendor platform, offering a variety of services and events in one location.


Compatible with other payment and printing terminals

Enhance flexibility seamlessly. Compatibility with various payment and printing terminals for efficient transactions and streamlined operations in your system.


Extensive Analytics and Reporting

Elevate your business performance with extensive analytics, providing valuable insights and comprehensive reporting for informed decision-making and growth.

Explore SitEat and savor the future of dining!

Reviews &

out of 5

“Siteat app is a game-changer! Seamless checkout, detailed analytics, and CRM excellence make my culinary journey efficient and enjoyable.”

11 Dec / Renee Sims

SitEat app is phenomenal! The seamless checkout is a time-saver, analytics are insightful, and CRM enhances my foodie connections.

3 Dec / Johnny Simpson

“Obsessed with Siteat! The app’s seamless checkout is a breeze, analytics are thorough, and CRM adds a personal touch to my culinary adventures.”

27 Nov / Calla Wang

“SitEat app exceeds expectations! Seamless checkout streamlines orders, analytics provide valuable insights, and CRM deepens my connection with the culinary world.”

19 Nov / Leo Gill

“Siteat app transforms dining! Seamless checkout, powerful analytics, and CRM elevate my experience, making it the ultimate culinary companion. Highly recommended!”

30 Oct / Jennifer Smith

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